Spring Has Sprung!

And then it rewound. This first week of April has, for the most part, been a teaser for next winter here in the lovely New River Valley. That fact, coupled with an unheated workshop, means that Jack will be sharing space in Lady Jack’s weaving studio. Let not your heart be troubled, not all metal art involves high output short circuits, flammable gasses and second degree burns. Sometimes a few scrap computers, some Super Glue and a flea market doll can be more than enough to keep even the most overactive imagination/idle hands from wreaking havoc, perpetuating chaos and terrifying the old people down at the Grant’s Grocery. Wait, I am the old people down at the Grant’s Grocery.

Well, anyway, I better get to work or Lady Jack might just withhold my lunchtime beer. You wanna talk about some ensuing chaos and general disarray?

And what was that about the doll and computers you may be wondering? I’ll just refer back to the fore mentioned overactive imagination/idle hands comment…. Insert evil, maniacal laugh here.

Spring doll

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